Bet Station Fixed Matches

Bet Station Fixed Matches

Remember when we at Bet Station initially talked about the magic number required to guarantee a profitable week of sports betting? You’ll regularly hear the statistic 52.4% cited if you read enough Bet Station articles regarding sports betting. If a bettor can win 52.4% of his bets, he will break even. What is the source of that number?

When you wager against the spread, you are given odds of -110. A -105 line could be offered by Bet Station sportsbooks as a promotion or to draw in new clients. However, in general, betting against the spread results in a loss of 110.

Bet Station directly extrapolates the 52.4% break even percentage from the odds. 11/10 is equivalent to -110. In order to break even on a 21-game wager, you would need to win 11 and lose 10, respectively. To even break even at -105, you would still need to win Bet Station Fixed astoundingly 51.2% of the time.

If the basic math behind the break-even concept doesn’t convince you, think about another real-world Bet Station Tips. Imagine you start placing Bet Station Tips on sporting events seriously after the Giants humiliate the Patriots and you come home with a nice, hefty bankroll. Following that, you placed Bet Station Predictions on the next 10 Giants games, winning six and losing four.

Your 60% winning rate will result in a profit of $160 at the standard football against the spread odds of -110. Think about it: you only have $160 left after subtracting the $440 you lost on losing Bet Station Predictions from the $600 return from your six winning bets. You invested $1,100 to win $160, thus the average Bet Station fixed bet required to win $1 is $6.87. So you can see how the seemingly insignificant differences between a winning percentage of 52.4% and a winning percentage of 60% add up to hundreds of dollars in profit.

But suppose that one of those six winning Bet Station bets ended up being a loss, giving you a 50% betting success rate. Overall, you spent $1,100, won $500, and lost $550. This means that your overall 50% performance cost you $50. There, the vigorish will guide you. You have to lose more often than you win in order to break even when you use Bet Station predictions on sports.

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